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What queer books have spoken to you? Yes, sure, fine, you would think that a Muslim writing about being a drunk would have to adopt unconventional approaches, but drunkenness in the Islamic literary tradition is a long and time-honored metaphor. Or, it all could be simply a hoax, or a delusion, the child and child-thief invented from the desperate imagination of a lonely, lovelorn woman. Just ask high school nobody, Jessica Tran. But, as Isherwood demonstrates, life gets in the way.

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Told with grace, humor, and courage, Chin plumbs tender and unsettling memories as she writes about drifting from one home to the next, coming out as a lesbian, finding the man she believes to be her father, and ultimately, discovering her voice.

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100 Must-Read Books by Queer Authors

You and he were inseparable. Could Miranda be infected by the Dreaming Disease that makes the past leak into the present? Ripley, Strangers on a Train, Ripley Under Ground Patricia Highsmith was an American novelist and short story writer, most widely known for her psychological thrillers, which led to more than two dozen film adaptations. Although folks like Allen Ginsberg and William S. If you thought you had an interesting childhood, Burroughs will give you a run for your money. A Single Man came back to popularity in when famed designer Tom Ford made it into a film that is nothing short of beautiful.

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Preoccupied with the consequences of mothering and not-mothering, these fifty-three poems trenchantly interrogate sexual violence and its aftermath, lingering at the site of trauma as though hanging onto the lip of an abyss. Many of them have written many more books than the single one represented here, and I urge you to seek them out. It is instead a unique and mesmerizing study of finding oneself in a world where gender and beauty can be hard fought for and earned. The short novel — under pages — tracks the experiences of an aging college professor in Los Angeles. Recommend your own books. Consumed with grief, her only joy comes by the light of the dying hearth fire, rereading the fairy tales her mother once told her.

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