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Contact groups in your area and ask them to send you the dates of their meetings, social events and conferences, along with contact information and a link to their websites. One way to make lasting change for our community is to make it possible for people to afford an education. A number of groups send out action alerts when a response is needed to a particular situation or have a portion of their website where you can get information and take action. Among other things, there will be no more strip searches to see what's between our legs, and the definition of staff we got was expanded to cover anybody with access to the jail, not just paid employees. TransgenderMichiganwhich has a calendar with many local events from a variety of groups Then encourage people you know to support the events in your community. By getting to know each other, you widen your pool of allies and make a difference in your community.

e.a.g.e.r. transgender support
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Think of books that have been especially helpful or interesting to you.

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Some are things you can do on your own, while others are ideas for local groups to work on. Education can be very expensive, yet it matters because it is often linked to better paying jobs and broader career choices. Provision of emergency medical treatment should not be based on gender, age, race, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, real or perceived gender identity, or cultural background.

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