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I had an incident 9. That must have been quite a night vibrators up the heinie, nipple clamps, face sitting, vaginal fluids up the nose hmm. I will be giving you a big donation at concerted effort. Dec 27, Hi, I visited a prostitute about 5 months ago and asked her to sit on my face to satisfy my sexual desire. I'm very confident the result will be negative.

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Wow, not just one dominatrix, but two dominatrixes!

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Believe it or not, even questions about "facesitting" have indeed been addressed previously in this forum. Gay smothering Mar 14, is gay smothering dangerous, could you suffocate. One of them placed a vibrator up my rectum I do not know if it was clean nor do I know if a condom was placed over the vibrator. Whoever the sitter may be, the HIV risk is nonexistent, although there may be other health risks. I also sucked on a dildo, had nipple clamps put on me, and one of them sat on my face. I just couldn't ask a regular doctor a question like this.

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Could vaginal fluid infect via the nostrils of the nose? Frascino Hi, You're wondering if "gay smothering is dangerous"????? Does it transmit venereal disease. I know creams and lotions may not be as much fun, but then again, I suppose you can use whatever kind of applicator you like to apply them. Now, I'm wondering if i'm at a risk of HIV transmission. Fatigue and Anemia Fatigue and Anemia. In other words it doesn't matter if your fly swatter is industrial black or rainbow-flag colored; each can squish a fly to smithereens equally well, right?

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