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Buy a small butt plug no larger than an inch in diameterpreferably one made of smooth, soft silicone. I have not had the same good results from fiber capsules as I have from Metamucil, but some guys might. And so the purpose of this page is to help you as a gay men understand the unique dynamics involved with anal intercourse with your man. There is a lot of bottom shaming in the world. When you use a hose, relax your ass and let the water run out freely. I do not shame barebacking because most of my sex is bare and condom-less.

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Experiment with lubes until you find your favorite.

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Baby mucous sucker: Smooth toys work best. Generally speaking, stress is the byproduct of cumulative events or responsibilities. In my experience, the best fiber regimens are those that come in powder form that you mix in a glass of water, and most contain psyllium husk — a natural fiber with multiple health benefits.

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PrEP on-demand also known as PrEP is an alternative dosing strategy in which scheduled Truvada doses are taken around the times of sex instead of once daily.

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