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Deeply felt sense of being female or male, neither, both, or something other than female and male. As a result of bullying, exclusion, and isolation, many LGBT youth are at increased risk of adverse mental health outcomes. Taking a word out of circulation has the effect of stopping its evolution, freezing it in time, and shielding it from the cultural forces that morph its meaning. All children should be free to grow into whatever man or woman they want to be. Piper N.

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When Elijah mentioned suicide and was briefly hospitalized, his mother spoke to administrators to ensure that he would be treated as a boy when he started at a new school in the fall.

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I've been called a "faggot" for holding hands with my husband while walking down the street, and it never fails to get my goat. December 7, Donald Trump. God forbid, for the kids who actually ARE gay, can we be surprised that so many gay adults struggle to develop healthy self-esteem?

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As Dominic J.

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