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I would much rather embrace the word "gay" than "faggot. According to the Online Etymology Dictionary"Burning was sometimes a punishment meted out to homosexuals in Christian Europe The word is all over the world. Regardless of how it came to be, it happened, and the majority of theories derive from negativity. The word "faggot" is all over the world. Regardless of the intent behind its use, I've never been able to fully swallow that word and refrain from tensing up when it's used around me. The word that the author of this message is referring to is "faggot.

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After coming to terms with my sexuality, I heard people in the LGBT community using it in a joking way.

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The 'F' Word

It is our future that, together, we should define with words of love. Have a nice Day. Let's take it back. And even referred to in the Bible. The word is all over the world. Now, the assertion that male homosexuals were referred to as "faggots" because they were burned at the stake is an etymological urban legend.

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In any case, the word came to be embraced by many who were against sexual liberation in the 20th century. The word "faggot" definitively means "a bundle of twigs bound together," and in England "fag" can also mean "cigarette. And even referred to in the Bible. And although the words quoted above, written in response to my attempt to express my feelings on what I deem to be a hateful word, isn't well-intentioned, the author is correct in one thing: When gay men were being arrested, imprisoned, committed to mental institutions and, yes, even killed for their sexuality, "faggot" was the word that was spit out of their tormenters' mouths. In my younger years I never heard it used in anything other than a derogatory fashion. I've always spoken out against its usage, even to those on the Web whom I have no personal connection with, in a loving and respectful manner.

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