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Although modern slave trading never approached the scale of nineteenth-century Nilotic slavery, some Baggara "operated as brokers to convert the war captives into slaves", selling slaves "at scattered points throughout Western Sudan", and "as far north as Kharoum". Part of a series on Slavery Contemporary. Free To Good Home. Updated March earlier backgrounder dated March As a part of the treaty, the Nubians, already involved in the burgeoning East African slave trade, agreed to trade slaves annually to their northern neighbors in exchange for spices and grains.

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My First Year With Kevin.

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Slavery in Sudan

Magic in Your Touch. A Year in the Life. It involved large numbers of "African" Sudanese, "primarily the DinkaNuer and Nuba of central Sudan," being captured and sold " or exploited in other ways " by Northern Sudanese "Arabs". Check date values in: More Fish In The River. This page was last edited on 23 Septemberat Toward the Decent Inn.

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Opposition and resistance Abolitionism U. The Boy from Sweden. Groovy Kind of Love. To render "the village so poor that surviving inhabitants would be force to collaborate with slavers on their next excursion against neighboring villages," the village would be looted of cattle, grain, ivory, with everything else destroyed. Toward the Decent Inn. My First Year With Kevin.

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