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A teacher who read the book to a kindergarten class in California to support a transgender student in the class faced parental outrage and protests in The school board president read the book, CCBC provided reviews and support materials. Please try your entry again. This book was first put on the shelves twelve years before I became the librarian. In my community, language and sexual content seem to be the hot-button issues when students and parents have shared concerns about books. While at the middle school, my principal told me to remove Playground by 50 Cent.

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The challenge occurred years ago, and immediately my principal asked for the book to be removed.

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LGBTQ Book Bans and Challenges

Controversial Material 1 Any person desiring to challenge an item must present the challenge in writing and it must be signed. We recently had a book challenged due to some racial content and some other things. Forster Penguin Maurice was among several books removed from a regional high school. I did not remove it from the library. Parents complained about The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time and our Director of Schools made all the librarians in the district pull the books off the shelves and keep them in our offices.

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The donation was met with conservative outcry but the Oklahoma City school board voted to permit the donation. In Massachusetts and other places much of a school's radical agenda gets in under the radar through these semi-official committes of radical teachers, administrators, and some parents, which operate outside of any formal oversight. Basically she complains about everything. It was challenged but retained at the Edmonton Public Library in for being age-inappropriate. As I had not purchased the book for the library, and I believe it was a donation before I began my position, I decided to delete the book from the collection. As a noted author and a book that was tastefully and not sensationally written, I was able to prevail in keeping the book in our collection. PPMC objects to this book because it promotes gay pride and a rejection of heterosexism.

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