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I took a risk, I could turn around and show him my dick to get a thrill or hide myself again. I couldn't find a response, I didn't want him seeing my rubbing my dick with soap, he might get the wrong idea. I felt the cum squirt inside my mouth, I kept moving up and down, he let out another loud moan, the cum was filling my mouth, I opened my mouth and let his dick out, yet still wanking him with my right hand, he was still blowing, he jizzed onto my face, over my eyes, I was still wanking him when he stopped, he was out of breath. He gave me a look before putting his hand down the boxers and started wanking, making fake orgasm noises as he did. Down the other side of the room I could see my shirt, it all came back to me. He then started on his jeans in the same manner, slowly unbuttoning the top button, drawing the zipper down and letting them slide down his legs We went to a partyme and him went together, he was my plus one.

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I let myself into the bathroom and closed the door, I found a towel and walked over to the mirror, before slipping out of my boxers.

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I messed up my hair getting it completely wet, then looked back down at my boner. I looked to where he was looking, to the door, and there was his dad. His eyes widened, he looked away from me. It was going to happen, my dreams come true. He put his hand ontop of mine, yet he didn't push it off.

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I started laughing too, making it seem like a joke. I started moving down his dick, my lips going around down his shaft, I moved back up. As I remember we both drank too much, we spent the whole party together and I ended up going home with him, where I now lay. I took another look over his shoulder down at his dick, it was still fully hard. He was laying on his side facing me, his mouth slightly open with those luscious lips.

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