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He flashes us a smile and a row of teeth that gleam in his dark face. Directors don't have to waste time with any more stretching and foreplay than the script calls for. And when we woke up later on, we laughed at how sticky and sweaty our bodies were, and how the loft smelled like cum. My knees are scraping on the fish scales as they slip about in the sea slime that coats the deck. It was that way with all the toys.

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I open my mouth and suck on them, nursing on the fish taste.

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I suddenly swoop down and work his shaft down my throat, pressing my nose against his black, crinkly pubes. Jonas shakes his head and rolls the condom down on his dick. He pulls me down and envelops me in his huge fisherman's arms, and we lay there, flesh to flesh, as the boat heaves and the winds howl at typhoon speeds. I said in drinks in his gay anal work out pretty now. I figured Zack would probably tighten watching me. A moment later, he bobbed back up, pulling the rubber off me on his way past. Until I almost forgot I was a hardass casting professional doing an audition.

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I licked long and slowly, swirling my tongue over the heavy orbs in his hot, wrinkled sac. I bet she could suck the chrome off the shifter your daddy's '68 T-bird. I hear the horns of the riverboats, and, oh, god, I come. On the sixth day, I'm the first to see the dot, 20 degrees off the starboard bow. I licked up, teasing over the velvety soft skin, pointing my tongue down hard where the tube snaked up the middle of his shaft. I give his butt a squeeze and then slip a finger into his ass crack Jonas turns his homely-guy face towards me and gives me a randy wink. For all I know, we might have been doing it still.

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