Transgendered male maids

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When I am training a maid, I always make sure that I dress the part. I think wealth does have something to do with it, because I acknowledge that good scores on high school entrance exams, SATs, good grades, etc. Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Men's clothes are so boring and dull. Despite acknowledging that Vanessa Olmos identifies as female, the writer uses male pronouns throughout the entire piece. Also, no one outside of your tiny liberal bubble gives two shits about cisgenders much less cisgender offenders.

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Everything else, though, was completely ignorant and offensive.

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NY Daily News Tells Story Of Accused Transgender Maid In Most Offensive Manner Possible

Do they try to be, or do they not care at all? I guess it is just hard to get hot and bothered about misrepresentation when the media does it in a lot of criminal cases. Lesbian issues come up directly in that if a lesbian couple raises a trans child, they must be terrible parents! I am more than accepting of that choice. Police say that when the boy opened the door, the housekeeper asked if the victim had any dirty towels and if he was alone. The tightness, the skirt, the frills and the whole aura surrounding a maid is that of submissive femininity. She was simply commenting on the writing style of an arguably broadsheet news publication whom were being completely intolerably sucky.

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It also underscores the fact that LG rights are not T or even B rights, or sensitivity. Ok, so she has committed the crime. A french maid's uniform, on the other hand, has silk or satin underwear which is delightfully soft, often with contrasting scratchy lace edges. So keep on shouting, ladies! And while I am all for correct gendering and trans equality, etc, I am not for the shift of focus. I think everyone has a right to be properly gendered, but if I were to select which case should have the light of media shined on it?

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