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Arguments against were more varied, but most often voiced the idea that same-sex marriage would hurt society and the institution of traditional marriage. Axel Hotels — The internationally renowned LGBTQ hotel brand will call Miami Beach home inthe chain's first US location, that will include a destination restaurant, spa and community experiences. When impressionable lgbtq kids see gay bankers and cops flaunting their lifestyles at the parade, they get the wrong idea that queer liberation is possible within capitalism. Subscribe via ATOM. See the full methodology for details. Retrieved from " https:

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And your asinine remark about children is exactly the type of bigoted belief that leads to the evil of conversion therapy.

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The organization has disrupted multiple Pride parades on the East Coast. General Business. And you also get vociferous admiration from almost every corner of society. Stories that did not meet that threshold were defined as neutral or mixed.

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But I do remember Christ teaching about love.

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