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As the night went on, everyone ended up doing some sightseeing on their own. But then this proud, post-gay millennial ditched his superiority complex. Recommended Hotels in New York Most of the best hotels are located in the downtown region and are just a short journey from the main gay village. Phones are checked right after the door, bags are searched and your clothes are checked to further lessen the likelihood of any unwanted documentation. The social rules were getting fewer by the minute. How a breakup, an open mind, and an infamous sex-charged party combined to change my perspectives.

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And a lot of people are already touching me.

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I Lost It at the Black Party

I look the part. A fetish lovers dream come true — NYC style! It was both terrifying and elating. Many partygoers get ultra creative with their outfits, donning things like glow in the dark paint, kinky costumes and light-up headwear. The shiver of cold lent itself to one nervousness and excitement as the distance between us and the Black Party became mere footsteps. The World's Most Comfortable Underwear. Stepping out from the curtain, I at first felt naked but that feeling quickly passed, especially when I started seeing guys who were wearing even less than I was.

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New York Hotels Fill up fast. On a raised side catwalk where I give poppers a try yet another firstJohn and I gaze out across a sea of dancing bodies, none of them easily reduced to being a likely candidate. But for a party so well known, its graphic details are still kept relatively quiet except for the stories that surface from bragging or scarred guests. Expect strange and eccentric live acts, naughty carnival games, adult film stars, fetish art, fashion and all kinds of sexy eye candy. If it's not, it's quickly lobotomized into your brain by the party itself.

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