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California Proposition 8 There are two appropriate uses for biofeedback in pelvic floor PT. Electrical stimulation can be useful to help certain impairments — such as pelvic floor weakness and motor cotrol deficiencies, but it can also create muscle hypertonus and contractions which may cause pain or nerve irritation. Well said! I felt fine until about midday today. Some people who had surgery are bedridden. I use it whenever the pressure gets bad and change the postions of the electrodes.

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I have an actual inter- stim that helped with my bladder retention which lead me to have alot less pelvic pain.

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Little - a little is a person who mentally or physically feels younger than they physically are. Office of Personnel Management. I decided to delve into the tantalizing world of electro-sensation play, one toy at a time.

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Senate Daily Journal.

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