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He knew straightaway he had clicked with me. Chapter 3 - The Fertility Plague. Zach knew that every part of his body needed to be as strong and tough as possible for him to survive in the arena, so he made sure that every square inch of his mammoth physique received brutal and strenuous workouts. Further work in this direction had been all but abandoned by the scientists. Oh it began to hurt as it filled more and more. As I became more conscious of how my body functioned, I used to test my pain threshold by deliberately hitting myself and getting as near to hot objects as possible.

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With the gym all to himself and his privacy assured, the huge stud would then start one of his secret solo training sessions.

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A passion for pain : Part 1

There was Master, sitting in a chair waiting for us. I then felt a pull on the loop and my balls were drawn slightly between my legs and held in place there. Not recommended for solo use or by non-submissive wearers. But it was doable, assured the scientists, stating that Supreme Leader Billings would be heralded as the savior of mankind for initiating such a dramatic proposal. I expect that, as I was young compared to the men in there and not dressed in leather, they probably thought I was an invader in their world and that I was only after someone to give my arse a good screwing and nothing else. It looked as if Zach was going to tear his own balls off in a valiant but vain effort to lift the pound kettle bell with nothing but his spectacular testes!

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To add to the experience I would press my genitals up against the metal and be aware of my cock growing hard as the pain increased. With more than 1 billion sperm in each milliliter, and more than 1, milliliters collected in the series of glass flasks, that was more than one TRILLION individual living sperm cells! Zach once again grunted with effort, and hoisted both sets of weights aloft, followed by the inevitable downward crash. Had to be below freezing. Since he knew that his hands would not be free to contain such a massive deluge of cum during his exercises, Zach would make sure to clear the area in front of him as much as possible, often laying down a dozen or so oversized bath towels to catch the bulk of his colossal mess. Sir tied my wrists to the ceiling and cranked the rope so my feet barely touched the ground. I got to the bar and could almost feel their eyes peering at my skinny body inside my nearly skin tight jeans.

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