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Start a new group. Lol r24, it's not unreasonable to hate racists and obsessives. For gay culture to survive, it has to adapt to meet the needs of today's gay men now that we have civil rights and can get married in all 50 states. I have never seen a thread here that could be called a "feminist thread" with a straight face. No one is shitting on this thread. I don't know of a "Muslim" agenda. These trolls are toxic.

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No one is shitting on this thread.

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The Quest for Gay Men Message Board

The gay beaches are totally mixed as well. Remarkable Men - Sunday 13th January. I used to block individual posters that I thought were racist or where someone directly attacked me for no reason, but then I started finding that I couldn't even read the original posts in lots of different, otherwise interesting threads, so I don't bother to do that anymore. Don't even know what the First Amendment is. The most prolific posters here openly hate women and police every other poster's basic empathy for women. The alphabet is annoyingly on full display at other sites. So many benign threads have been turned into anti-man, anti-white propaganda.

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Why would the BLM crew post here? The Quest for Gay Men. Gays and lesbians deserve a place where we can have fun and discuss issues that concern us without all of the backlash. Feminism is a gay male issue, OP. Even the theatre threads have been ruined by trolls now. The patriarchy is a tool of the straightriarchy, and the same heterosexual men who subjugate women are also at the forefront of the trans-Islamo-pedo war on homosexuality. Too many sub groups and classifications of gay identified people.

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