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Two sequences in particular stand out as almost gay porn: Oh come on, I had to work RPattz in somewhere; I've included him and Taylor Lautner in my last two Halloween articles and anyway, if I don't mention him, Dumbledore will personally turn up at my house to Expelliarmus my gay gene. Andrew Wells compilation video: Place the folded piece of paper under the pillow you lie your head on when going to bed. Most recent Most popular Most recent.

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There's a sequence involving the four involved in a conference call to discuss their evil persecutor—all four guys are shown in their respective bedrooms, shirtless and in bed whilst talking.

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Sands is at his icy British best as the Warlock, whether making a flight potion from the fat of an unbaptized kid "a witch needs no broomstick to fly, child"giving a gay guy a disturbingly literal tongue-kiss, or putting off ending the universe by saying God's name in reverse for a few minutes to have a good triumphant gloat at the heavens. After becoming one of the good guys, he also got much better taste in men and crushed on both Xander and Spike in season 7 "Spike? In their studies, they made fireplaces leap to life, books levitate, and crystal shards form into smooth, glassy orbs.

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Gay and rebellious drug addict son of an ex president?

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