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Yet there were costs as well as benefits to inhabiting a more interdependent world. My gaze returns to the ice in my urinal. Realpolitik pressure builds like a fire hydrant. He is worldly, humorous, sophisticated and a cavalier with women. Aside from his wife and daughters, he refers most often in his memoir to Kissinger, Eisenhower whose vice-president he wasHaldeman, Erlichman and Haig. The protesting students he knew well enough not to waste time on.

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And he pays rapt attention to every question as though he had nothing in the world more pressing to consider.

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The Night I Almost Peed on Henry Kissinger

An avid art collector and an antiques buff, he spends most of his time restoring old mansions. I enjoy talking with him. It is, at best, the lesser of two evils. Nguyen Van Thieu, the South Vietnamese president. Does he ever even consider the possibility? He can be light and gay, and talk about anything at all.

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But the Peace Prize, what a travesty! It has not been and will never be a great romance. New York Fashion Week Fall He is worldly, humorous, sophisticated and a cavalier with women. Beginning in JanuaryKissinger set about applying some of the lessons he had learned as an academic and public intellectual: Essays and immersion, into the harrowing, the sweet, the surprising — the human.

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