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It should only list people who came out as LGBT before or during their terms in office; it should not list people who came out only after retiring from politics, or people who were outed by reference sources only after their death. The New Press. Musk's account is still listed as active, however, and he changed his display name to "Daddy DotCom" on Father's Day. Geological Survey says a strong earthquake has hit Sichuan province in southwestern China. However, as the war came to an end, Buchanan argued for the annexation of further territory, annoying Polk, who suspected that Buchanan was primarily concerned with eventually becoming president.

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The court was considering the legality of restricting slavery in the territories and two justices had hinted to Buchanan their findings.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nevins, Allan. In fact, Buchanan already knew the outcome of the case, and had even played a part in its disposition. In a line:

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Loewen said Buchanan showed little interest in Coleman, appeared more interested in her fortune, and possibly contributed to her suicide due to his emotional detachment.

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