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I wrapped my fist around his throbbing shaft and slowly stroked it. I reached out and touched his big hard cock as my lips parted. Except for the beard and the fact that both are men. Dear Joanna Peter leaves fiancee in to redeem self in S. We parked the car, and walked from the parking lot to the hotel's private beach.

I'm on vacation, I'm buzzed maybe even drunk, he wants to be with me, and I am being seduced, what could it hurt?

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He looked to be in his mid twenties with sharp features and piercing blue eyes that bore into me. My Friend's Boyfriend Pt. Girlfriend arranges a taste test. I hadn't noticed how powerful his body was before. Not So Unrequited, Maybe? Here I was, shunning this guy just because he's attracted to me.

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Old Jack Seduced by an older man. His True Self A lonely straight guy discovers what he really craves. Brad, Mikey, and Renewal Brad and Mikey discover life is better together. I heard him stand as I passed and my heart raced as I considered what might happen if he followed me into the men's room. I got back to the room and hesitated before opening the door.