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Given the destruction of objective morality, meaning, and purpose, what principles can we believe in, what morality can we follow, what purpose can we live for, and do principles, morality, and purpose even mean anything anymore? Rating details. Indeed, our dependence on Christian assumptions is one of the things that Nietzsche most delighted in pointing out. And slowly I realized something else about Nietzsche: Enlarge cover.

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Live at war with your peers and yourselves!

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Reactivate Continue Create account with different email address. One thing that I have discovered through reading Nietzsche is that he seems to be someone who has been misinterpreted at times. But the death of God was not an isolated event; it marked a decisive transition in culture. And the greatest labour of human beings until now has been to agree with one another regarding a number of things, and to impose upon themselves a law of agreement - indifferent whether these things are true or false.

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