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Gay-Friendly Dining There are few destinations more prized for its cuisine than Italy, and any gay traveler will have no shortage of dining options in Venice. Art, History, Culture and unique world-known natural environment. Art is far from the only attraction Venice has to offer, however, and any traveler would be amiss to pass up a night traveling along the hundreds of intricate canals that run through the city. La Zucca La Zucca sits right on a canal and features phenomenal vegetarian Venetian cuisine. Summers can be quite humid and hot and the canals can become smelly and mosquito-ridden, so you may wish to plan your trip during the off-season. The floating city is also one of few destinations where three days is enough, at least during the mad tourist blitzkrieg innocuously called "high season," which threatens the city from April to June, September, October, and around the major Christian holidays. Even though it was too chilly to get in the surf, just walking and exploring the Lido Beach - the

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Lido Beach seemed very family friendly and according to the locals Alberoni Beach is the place to go in summer as it is almost exclusively gay.

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Three Islands Of Venice

This charming bar is owned by a pair of lesbians and has a hip, funky vibe. The restaurant serves decent, unelaborate food at excellent prices - a couple of courses, plently of wine, coffee etc for 40 euros for two but, be warned if you're used to the all-day eating elsewhere in the Mediterranean, the kitchen closes at 3pm To paint a home, one must send a request to the government, which will respond by making notice of the certain colours permitted for that lot. A friend of ours did and after several hours of saying no to a glass purchase she was shown the back door of the shop and had to find her own way home. Explore videos, photos, travel tips, maps and top gay destinations. Capture your memories with pictures of the panoramic backdrop or just sit down and take in all the beauty and magic of this historic, unique place.

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On a day in July, the water was incredibly warm, probably because the shore shelves so gradually. Be prepared to get lost in this romantic city as you take a trip back into history. Venice is extremely well known for its vibrant culture, food and fashion. The queues at the Doge Palace a must see by the way and St Marks Basillica, stretch out for a frightful and forgettable forty minute wait. Veneto Gay Network BellunoGay. STAY It can seem like every room in Venice is for rent, but stellar demand fetches astronomical figures and around holidays, even the worst hovel has a wait list, so book ahead. Compared to many other Italian cities it is considered to be much more subdued in terms of noise and chaos, but Venice is still a city bustling with activity.

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