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I was perfectly willing to just have sex with this dude, no matter who did what to whom! The other guys were there, and we looked each other over as they drove the boat out of the harbor. I think having come four times in one night is about my limit, at least until tomorrow morning. He believes this is the ultimate getaway for gay men who can then be comfortable and fully themselves. In addition, the five men also realize that they have their own polarizing experiences on the boat. He smiled and said it was easy to work up a good sweat on a day like this. I was honest with him and told him I was self conscious about my body because I'm overweight.

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We soaped each other and washed off.

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New Dream Boat Documentary Shows The Dark Side Of Gay Cruises

He said he would love to play with them some more, but it was too public here. August 28, Warren Fields Entertainment. A post shared by Jason jtg30 on Jan 24, at 5: Eddie would not know. I think having come four times in one night is about my limit, at least until tomorrow morning. At this point it was pretty obviously just who our next orgy partner was going to be! About Devin Jackson Randall Geek by chance, queer artist by birth.

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He said, "You're wrong this time! Once they got into Dave's bedroom they sat their stuff down. He said I would get to enjoy their bodies in me, and they would get to use me as much as they wanted. After all Dave and the others seen him do it all the time even when Eddie is ahead. We eyed each other, smiled and he nodded at the scene in front of us and raised his eyebrows, as if to ask me if I wanted to participate! He said he liked fucking me and I was welcome on his boat anytime.

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