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He molested on actor who died of a drug overdose awhile back and another D-list actor who was in the news awhile ago. Renfro fathered one child: Another Indication that a person May Be gay can be revealed by his Response on the topic of individuals. David believes, and we do as well, that queer people do not have the same type of role models and pop idols that are offered to the larger heterosexual mainstream. Former child star Brad Renfro died at the age of But usually it was much less than that.

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I had a boyfriend at the time but Brad Renfro would always be more important to me.

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Who molested Brad Renfro?

For the movie the scene was done over with adult actors. People compared him to River Phoenix and lamented about what an amazing actor he was, and said that the best was certainly yet to come. Brad Renfro had relationships with women in his life, and his behaviour was witnessed by us. Maybe it was his agent or manager who raped him. Those responsible for perpetuating the vile ideology of the cult of jenn-durr have gay blood on their hands. He turned out to be a pretty good actor.

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The word is sex, R Dennis Cooper also molested him circa He had been a drug addict. Some of the extras were 13 and 14, R Bryan singer is ryan in that memoir. He molested this one kid who ended up molesting Cameron Bright about ten years ago in a hotel room.

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