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Author information: An additional difficulty is the invisibility imposed upon lesbians and gay men, and our relationships. Learn about your rights, download resources, and get support here. Lesbian and Gay Liberation for the Eighties Philadelphia: We absorbed anti-gay beliefs even before we knew that we were gay.

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In the current exploratory study on perceptions of discrimination and bias in retirement care facilities, we surveyed a wide age range GLBT adults in a smaller metropolitan area of fewer thanpeople to discover the perceptions of both younger and older GLBTs.

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Need help? Lesbian and gay male invisibility is maintained by the pressures which force many lesbians and gay men to conceal our sexual identities, pressures such as the threat of discrimination, harassment and violence. The absence of legal protection for gays and lesbians, and for our relationships, therefore has consequences far beyond the immediate denial of a benefit: We still have much more work to do to achieve lasting legal and social change.

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Same-sex couples now have the freedom to marry in all 50 states 31 In 31 states there are no explicit employment protections for transgender people.

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