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Do condoms offer the same level of protection for anal sex as for vaginal sex? Condom use is declining among men who have sex with men. What would motivate gay men to lie to other gay men about something as critical as condom effectiveness? But there is also evidence that MSM use condoms at considerably variable rates depending on their own HIV status, the status of their partners, whether the partner is a main or casual one, and the sexual position. But those studies included people who were given condoms and never used them. A total of We should also address the aversion many men have toward condoms.

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Stay away from flavored condoms for other kinds of sex though—they can lead to infections in some people because of the sugars.

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Gay Men Are Using Condoms Less, But Their Use Varies Based on Context

My reassurances that condoms would protect him allowed him to be with his first HIV-positive partner. But when people report that they used a condom every time, is that always accurate or is there over-reporting? Your partner has the same responsibility to you. Do younger gay men really think there was some kind of conspiracy of silence coordinated by safer-sex advocates to overestimate the efficacy of condoms? This is a sheet of latex that you can put over the anus to create a barrier. Share 1 Comment Print. Could it be true that they fail much more during anal sex than during vaginal sex?

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Recent data suggests that rates of PrEP use have followed a dramatic upswing since Is it as important to use condoms since obviously no one can get pregnant? Eighty-seven percent of the men who self-reported being HIV positive said they were taking treatment for the virus. We know that some guys prefer not to use condoms as they can experience less pleasure during sex, or just find it a turn off. Anal sex penetration of an anus by a penis is an especially high-risk activity for STIs because the anal tissue is very sensitive. Since we are human and tend to not have laboratory-style sex, how well do they actually work in reality to prevent HIV for gay men?

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