Gay family therapy

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Parental reactions, impacts of disclosure on the family, and the impact of cultural factors are discussed. In the spirit of poetic inquiry, the interpretive poems are meant to be evocative, so as to elicit embodied, empathic understanding in the reader. While a number of constructs have been associated with wellness behaviors in this population, including outness, social support, and mental health, no research has attempted to forge the specific and unique connections among them. Most researchers use their institutional email address as their ResearchGate login. A growing body of research has begun to examine wellness behaviors in sexual minority women. Yet research has yet to demonstrate whether-and, if so, how-individuals characterize others as ambivalent. It is considered psychologically healthy for lesbians and gay men to come out and live outside of the closet.

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Having frequent experiences of conflict with parents was found to exacerbate the negative impact of occasional acts of discrimination on mental health.

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A systemic perspective for working with same-sex parents

Intergenerational ambivalence-the simultaneous presence of both positive and negative dimensions of a parent-child tie-is a concept widely used in family studies. Findings of this study call for educating parents about homosexuality prior to the actual act of disclosure. Following the interpretive poems, the author reflects on the use of interpretive poetry as a framework in which to understand the poems and their intent. She is a national certified counselor and has clinical experience in school, grant program, community and private practice settings with diverse client populations. To determine the structure of the family system, a counselor must observe patterns of behavior among family members.

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They also rated their current adult relationships as ones in which they felt securely attached, accepted, and satisfied. Results supported the hypothesis that heterosexual adoptive parents relied more on family, but did not support the hypothesis that gay and lesbian adoptive parents relied more on friends. As in previous editions, students and professors will find thoughtful analyses of complicated value dilemmas and specific techniques for use in a diverse range of settings, including confrontations and situations where humor is appropriate. Having frequent experiences of conflict with parents was found to exacerbate the negative impact of occasional acts of discrimination on mental health. This article describes the development and evaluation of the Gay and Lesbian Relationship Satisfaction Scale GLRSS as a measure of individuals' gay and lesbian same-gender relationship satisfaction and social support. Familiarising the Gay, Queering the Family: Parental attachment was associated with an older age of dating initiation, while peer attachment was associated with longer relationship length.

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