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Each step Jacob made across the wooden floor gave off a small patter sound, each one growing closer towards his bedroom. Jacob moved one hand behind his black hair, closing his eyes and biting his lip. Edward x Carlisle 3. He was so tempted to suck the life out of the wolf. Edward was getting ready to leave. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I think this is a necessary topic.

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Then again, he really wasn't patrolling, he'd just had an itch to get out and run under the moon and had slipped out of his best, shiftedand run.

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He felt odd for a moment, almost anxious. What if the worse situation happened? Edward has Bella, and Jacob is alone. He immediately distinguished the smell over powering him, literally. One minute Edward's glaring at him with hatred, the nextthe next he's doing things to Jacob that the young wolf wants to hate.

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He would never be able to understand a leech especially if its name was Edward Cullen. What if he's imprinted on her? Jacob and Edward had a stare off that felt as if it lasted for hours, but it was merely a few seconds before they looked in different directions and Edward let Jacob in. Before Jacob could even react, he was tackled to the terrain with a vociferous thud. Jacob's body arched up, his breath hitched and he shot his load all across his own stomach and chest, and partially on Edward's hand. She'd curled her fingers in his long, loose hair and had given his dark locks a friendly tug. Edward flipped his head upward, as he had been completely penetrated.

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