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On the entry level there is a full bar where patrons socialize. Before leaving home notify your local bank so that credit card transactions move smoothly. The saunas without rent boys tend to be of a higher standard, not unlike saunas in Europe. Uber services is convenient and relatively affordable too. Moustache Completely rebuilt in summer Two levels with two different theatres: Everyday 9AM to 10PM Senior citizens and the men who love them spend their afternoons in this traditional theater which now shows triple X hetero movies to a gay audience.

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Cantho Dance Club Largo do Arouche, 32Central nightclub, gay mixed crowd, weekend dancing, stage shows, male go-go dancers, afterhours.

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Gay Saunas, Cinemas, and Sex Clubs of São Paulo Brazil

Some allow escorts to circulate, others do not. This nightclub is so massive; it even has an outdoor area with a huge pool you can take a dip in while you dance. See their FB for special events. Upstairs, there is a TV room where you can watch telenovelas in plush furniture while around the corner lie options for free cabins and a darkroom. Lots of display under the showers and in the steam room. Two levels with two different theatres: TripAdvisor has good and extensive suggestions of Things to Do in Sao Paulo, plus listings of restaurantsand hotels.

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Soda Pop Bar Av. On a personal level, Museum of the Person shares the power of storytelling. The local hookers and hustlers may be less problematic, and the street life can be lively and full of the sounds of Samba music. Do you have a thing for sailors? For the most fun in a trip to Brazil a bit of local lingo goes a long way, as the use of English, or even Spanish, will elicit blank expressions beyond the tourist areas. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Moustache Completely rebuilt in summer

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