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Retrieved from " https: Some state that self-identifying as a bear is the only requirement, while others argue that bears must have certain physical characteristics, such as a hairy chest and face, a large body, or a certain mode of dress and behavior. The first observance of Spirit Day was on October 20, ; it now takes place on October Gay Urban Histories Since There is also NO crack, it's a digital screen problem because of the contrast between blue and green that LGBT history in the 1st century Category:

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The rainbow colors have also often been used in gay alterations of national and regional flags, replacing for example the red and white stripes of the flag of the United States.

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The rainbow colors have become so widely recognized as a symbol of LGBT pride and identity that they have effectively replaced most other LGBT symbols, including the Greek letter lambda and the pink triangle. Baker decided to make that symbol a flag because he saw flags as the most powerful symbol of pride. Structured data Captions English Add a one-line explanation of what this file represents. The flag is being introduced outside the USA as well. Event occurs at 2: Photo by Tony Webster, via Wikimedia Commons. The flag was also used at Belfast Pride Parade

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The most common variant of the rainbow flag consists of six stripes: The bear concept can function as an identity, an affiliation, and an ideal to live up to. The design adds black and brown stripes to the top of the standard six-color flag, "to highlight black and brown LGBTQIA members within the city's community". The blue and pink overlapping triangle symbol represents bisexuality and bi pride. The flag was also used at Belfast Pride Parade Girls Will Be Boys: Symbool van de homobeweging.

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