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Too bad it's for an insipid story about a potential switch to skirts instead of shorts. Damn, I believe those cappie rumors now. Cap is heavily into fashion, but she's said BBall is her life and passion. It's her complete skill set and size that distinguish her. Also, Cap has stated several times how she can't wait to get back to Phoenix. A lesbo basketball player, the world would be shocked! Still, the family faction at WNBA games seems to be the larger demographic, thanks in part to the high level of audience involvement.

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I then heard that part of the reason that DT got the DUI was that they "officially" ended things the weekend the Storm was in Phoenix and Diana was upset.

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WNBA 2009 Part III

I fear he won't know much about their personal lives though. Love Ticha, just never understood this. Ricky Martin just came out, and while everyone already knew he was gay, he is still getting a certain amount of praise for his willingness to make a public statement. Every time they said "tarratsi" it was like nails on a chalk board. She's your average 27 yr old who thinks they're still 21 sometimes.

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She looked like someone who had lost her best friend. It was comical how little they didn't care. No wonder LJ hates her. I think you mean wherever Abby lands in the fall is where LJ will go too? If you press troll-dar R, it will highlight every post in a thread that one poster has made. I'd say he knows a lot more than you think.