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Poetry is not the same thing as praxis. May 16, - Trans Fiction Anthology with focus on sexuality - Editor: I would, however, say that only somebody who had an embodied experience of being trans would be attuned to the story-telling possibilities that Rosenberg found in retelling the Sheppard story the way he did. When all we want is the same ability to exist as anybody else. As an historian, I resist the idea that transgender history begins with the history of medicalisation. There are two ways to answer this.

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Pritchard she is a co-author of the poetry chapbook Impropria Personadue out from Damask Press in winter

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An Interview with Vetch: A Magazine of Trans Poetry and Poetics

There are older histories of people who are transgender by my definition of transgender—that is, people who resist or move across the socially imposed boundary of their assigned sex. He was staying in a farmhouse with a white girlfriend and a male African-American friend. In a year of unconstitutional "bathroom bills" aimed at terrorizing trans women and Antioch Review's publication and defense of one of the most transphobic "articles" many of us have seen in recent years a petition opposed to its publication garnered thousands of signatures in a day it's become apparent that an ever-increasing national discussion of "trans issues" is eclipsing the work and lives of actual trans people. Seeking essays, fiction, poetry, and other genres from marginalized, female-identified writers. Augustin NYC.

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International Foundation for Gender Education. Studies in the Novel. Race and trans go together in ways that are not just coincidental. Yes, that book focuses mostly on the post-World War II period in the US, but gestures towards a longer history going back into the nineteenth century, and acknowledges that some people in all cultures and all times seem to have done gender differently than most other people in the same time and place. Part of what Snorton shows in writing about the history of gynaecology is that the very techniques that inform the medicalisation of transgender are literally built on the bodies of enslaved black women. Media - Feminist online magazine. Retrieved October 21,

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