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A few years after 69 Loves Songs came out, Merritt, the indie love idol, was involved in one of the earliest iterations of an internet-based fight over whether someone in this case, rock critic Sasha Frere-Jones was correct to call someone else in this case, Merritt a racist. Windy City Media Group does not approve or necessarily agree with the views posted below. Discography The Magnetic Fields. I knew what Merritt was talking about. This song series will be performed over two nights in each city songs on night 1, songs on night 2. I had neck problems for a few weeks. I had never heard anything like Merritt's songs before—or, at least, I'd never realized that I had.

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Stephin Merritt and Sam Davol will perform 3 Magnetic Fields songs on May 13, as part of an illustrious program of over twenty avant garde composers and performers at the all-day Bang on the Can Marathon, starting at noon in NYC!

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Woolrich: American Soul Since 1830 Campaign Lands Today

In an interview with The AdvocateMs. That was slightly amplified. Oh and the rest of Bloc Party? Take "Andy's Chest" or any number of other Lou Reed songs. For tickets, visit https: The Magnetic Fields are delighted to announce their US tour schedule.

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I gaze into your eyes of blue But their beauty is not for me You're thinking of someone who's gone You're dreaming of the one you really love You're dreaming of My point is that some of these artists you are profiling are gay musicians in gay bands not gay musicians in otherwise straight bands. You learn a lot along the way. The Magnetic Fields are delighted to announce their US tour schedule. Oh, I can play, too. Stephin Merritt typically writes his songs alone in Manhattan gay bars. Maybe straight men should stop writing about sex.

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