Whats wrong with gay marriage by katha pollitt

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ABC NEWS To sum up, readers will note that although Katha Polllitt and Charles Colson have divergent views on same —sex marriage, they never the less use similar or identical strategies to propagate their positions and alert readers on the necessity of participating in the ongoing and dynamic discussion. Such successful strides in the fight for gay marriage legalization actually started in Massachusetts and California where the battle ignited a passionate debate and inspired literary works such as the essays of Katha Pollitt: He also believes that: Societal Suicide by Charles Colson her argues in opposition against same sex marriage using statistics and history to make his valid points. They both start off by stating the problem, then they provide statistical information that pushes them to adopt a particular stance, eventually they exhibit supporting details or evidence that props up their claim and leads to a finding. The Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts has ordered that the state issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. She expresses her distaste in marriage in general but that it should at least be proper and equal.

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She uses a great point arguing how love in marriage is a relatively new thing.

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Same Sex Marriage

A careful study of both essays discloses similar writing style: At the beginning of the essay, Colson alarmingly predicts the end of marriage if same —sex unions were to be legalized. Colson presents his views in a conversational and chatty manner, as if it were an active speech exchange between two interlocutors. We will write a custom essay sample on Same Sex Marriage specifically for you. She believes that since lesbians can have children in some states they should as well be allowed to marry. She believes that marriage should just be a symbolic uniting of two people that wish to unite and share their love and lives.

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This is not surprising because, she has already provided all the answers in the previous paragraphs. It is astonishing that both writers express their divergent views by using similar writing strategies - such as persuasion, writing style, tone, and credibility of supporting details. He seems to scream the following: A keen reader would visualize an actual discussion that would sway him to become involved. Both essayists are aware that the debate on same sex marriage is ongoing; hence they try to outwit opponents by presenting their arguments in the most credible manner. Incidentally, there is no use of questions in the last two paragraphs. Hence, the reader automatically finds himself agreeing with Colson when he concludes his essay by recommending that the fundamental structure of marriage should not be tampered with if societal disintegration is to be avoided.