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I came out the day after I graduated high school and moved here three months later, so I never really experienced being out in Louisville. Their sexual orientation certainly influences how they view the world and how the world treats them, but for most it's not the totality of their existence. It's an amazing place. What would you say to a young gay man or lesbian who was thinking of moving to Cincinnati and sought your advice? All of them get caught up in the "this is the white male organization" or "this is the queer organization. Most recent value.

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It's not that good.

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Is it easier to be out in Cincinnati than in your home towns? There is a lot out there that's bad and ugly, and you do have to sift through and figure out who are friends and who aren't. A notable upswing in the AA population hasn't deterred many of the older families from staying put, and certainly hasn't prevented young White couples and families from moving in.

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I would say just overall, being in a city — whatever city — makes it easier to be out.

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