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Still, Iceman's declaration breaks fresh ground in that the character was one of the original "X-Men" created by Stan Lee. Cap rescues Arnie and reassures him that his love for Michael is as genuine as Cap's own love for his girlfriend, Sharon. The comic book Manhunter which focused on a female lawyer hunting down super villains who dodged trial was notable for featuring the gay supporting character of Damon Matthewsa well-adjusted gay lawyer who later starts dating superhero Obsidian[55] and also Manhunter's son and successor, Ramsey Spencerwho is also openly gay and dates the metahuman hero and his partner named Justin. The Dating Game: Comics through Time: J33 N B Canada's Stories".

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Fun Home: Since the late s specifically gay publications have also included comic strips, in which LGBT themes are ubiquitous. By Cavan Sieczkowski.

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Northstar by Marjorie M.

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