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A lot of heart is involved in that. We have seen how new diseases crop up due to it, threatening our existence, we have seen how suicides and serial killings are correlated to this sub group and despite all this it is being promoted by a people whose population is declining or is it Malthusianism? It sounds like you typing from a black consciousness script you learned from some other Ankh wearing, no job having, unkept, out of touch, out of date, twisted genome having, miasm infested ashy knees, lips, and dick having fool like yourself. If all an acceptance of western culture does as it has in the past and continues to do is lead to an eradication of indigenous cultures and replace it with western perspectives, one can imagine why many Africans would percieve western ideals in a negative light. Pre-colonial people believe that to escape the danggas, semen must be offered by flinging them onto a dangga, which would slightly distract the dangga, thus, give more time for a human to escape.

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I love nothing better than love.

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For some, "spit represents an essence of you as a person. Cambridge University Press. Sorry supporters of gay-isim in Africa, but the facts given in this article are half facts.

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Live and let live.

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