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To recap … it is more important to talk about the use of quotation marks and the possible definitions of a word than about the actual contents of the blog entry. The use of linguist to refer to foreign language specialists can indeed be confusing at times. Is this really the right time to fire military officers who are fluent in Arabic? As someone who studied formal linguistics and Arabic, I can point to just one professor who actually was an army linguist who was qualified as both a linguist and an Arabist. Linguists who specialize in one particular language not their own or family are usually quite proficient in at least one member of that family. After all, the president inherited the "don't ask, don't tell" law when he took office. May 11, 3:

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Other than removing the quotes, another way to remove the confusion over the author's intention could be to include more than one word in the quotes, as in "Army fires another gay linguist.

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Arabic Linguist Fired From Army For Being Openly Gay

It's "musician" that confuses me. By the way, if you say you are a psychologist people will either think you are a counselor or ask if you can read their minds. And now we come back to America and say they don't have equal rights. We are based in a non-Anglophone country and use the vernacular language in intra-company communication, but when telling what I do for a living, I either use the English word as an ad hoc borrowing, or coin a new vernaculat word which more or less explains it. If asked what linguistics is, I say "it's about general properties of language, things that are common to all languages". Dan Manning, 30, of Wichita, Kansas, who was discharged insaid he would gladly rejoin the military if given the chance. May 9, 1:

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And even though it's for the right reason right now, I'd like to see us take this on right now, begin the process. It's not about what timing is good or bad. Choi also recited in Arabic a poem by the great 10th century Iraqi-born poet Al-Mutanabbi. Wrong — anyone who passes the DLPT in a language at the required level is an Army linguist, regardless of his rank or branch, and is managed as one. Unfortunately to say the Democratic Party is in control, is to say very little, considering how far to the right the party has been dragged.

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