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I see lots of men wanting sex with males, and there is no gaydar in most cases to identify them from so-called straight males, in my opinion. During my 4 yrs of college, I had more sexual encounters with self id straight males than with females or gay males. Not ads chubby fem train me for sex, closet sissy be my daddy and train me for gangbangs. I don't fancy men, I'm not attracted to men, I don't feel any emotion during the act. Paddy O'Brian was always intrigued by the outdoor wood fingering. I'm currently dating a guy who has recently confessed to performing oral sex on men

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The hetero guy I was with for two years in college said he had never remotely considered being with another man before we became involved, so I know these interests can rather suddenly creep up on a guy.

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In fact that holds true for any monogamy couple, the "cheating" is always there. As far as I know, he's been only with women since. It became an obstacle between us because even alone I was aware that he was not gay or even bisexual due to the lack of romantic feelings for me as compared to what I witnessed when he was with women and a near constant undercurrent of slight discomfort from him when the sex ended and we were just alone together.

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They are straight to me.

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