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Try cut a fart now! I worked his stiff, fat little stiff member for a while, then looked up and said "turn around now" softly. I started to purposely get a locker next to one guy in particular- his name was Jim and he was a muscular, hairy guy covered with a thick pelt of rough black hair from the neck down. The thick fur down his crack hid his asshole from view. Body odor is a few steps up from man-scent, with the main difference being that the odor itself can be offensive. Please send any copyright reports to:

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I am thinking of calling the entire relationship thing off with him because people around me are starting to notice.

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Help! My Boyfriend Likes My Body Odor and Won’t Let Me Shower!

The writer has given us permission to share his note as a post, provided I do not include his name: Please try again later. I looked quickly over at his ass and I could see his nut sack hanging low between his legs, shiny and dripping with sweat. The thick fur down his crack hid his asshole from view. At its core, just think of this as being in natural in nature.

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Sign up for a free account and make YouPorn yours! When it flips into BO territory however, I pretty much jet. The head of his cock was covered with thick, white cheesy smelling smegma. So, one Sunday afternoon after rugby practice I got on my computer and opened up an Adam for Adam profile, making known my love of man smells. I took to wearing a cup to hide the stiffness in my shorts. Give me a dude who smells like Coast or Zest.

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