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Fall in love with the process. It's intrinsic and personal. A piece of art, that is. Any song on the Rocky IV soundtrack. Nia Favorite chick flick: As an adult, I just never set aside the time, partially because I was afraid to fail. So my philosophy is pretty simple:

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My job is to educate, motivate, and steer people in the best direction they can go.

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And a good sense of humor. I was up against some really big, strong guys, and I was right behind the top three finishers. Also, the gym isn't a fashion show—wear the correct clothing to maximize your workout. Be the best you can be. The best way to make big changes in your body and life is by working with a coach who can take care of all the nitty-gritty details so you can focus on what really matters to you. There is no finish line in fitness; it is a lifelong pursuit.

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Pleasure makes everything easier, including exercise, movement, and play. Muscular beefy pornstar ass pounds. River dancing Favorite chick flick: Working out with your girlfriend can be a great idea. It shows you don't understand proper gym etiquette.

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