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The Mirage gay bar Mt Clemens. There was a heavy steel front door and every time someone walked in, the door would close loudly and everyone turned to look and see who it was. The parking lot was dark and scary. A history of gay bars and places in the city of Detroit, Michigan. For a short time, a new bar called Verdict opened in the Emerald Theater, but lasted only a few months. Posted by Chris H at 5:

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I hope this information helps.

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I want to post every gay bar in Detroit that ever was so people can respond with their own stories or what they know about them. Feed Icon Subscribe in a reader. The walls were covered with graffiti and the uneven floor was worn down to the planks. When I first went there aroundit was called S. I had a lot of good times here.

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I spent my late 20s going to Mirage almost every Friday night. Clemens with it's tall buildings. The parking lot was dark and scary. Anonymous November 5, at 1: E Mail Ema il your photos of old bars or just to contact me at: Gratiot in Mt Clemens. I remember Dee's Lounge as it was my first gay bar.

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