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He thought about the fireman. He was very glad. And did you ever wish he'd take off all your clothes? When McKim went to bed, his mother came to tuck him in. I'd like to ask nicely that you not copy Rusty into your own web space.

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McKim became a gay rights activist and gave consciousness raising talks to his classmates.

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The next day, McKim talked to his sister Sue. Being gay is a perfectly normal variation of human sexuality," said Dr. Then he kicked the man in the balls to show him what he thought of child molesters. The car screeched to a stop just in time. How does that sound? Sodomy is a crime in this state, you know.

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Then she ran off and told all the other children that her brother wanted to marry a fireman. They waited for a car to come by. What should I do? Soon, a driver came speeding around the bend. He wished he could be together with the fireman again.

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