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At the climax of the show, Mickey is able to defeat the dragon and vanquish all the villains with a magic sword. By the end of novel, Snow White gets the mirror and the Queen becomes the spirit inside the mirror after her death in the film. Usually under the alias the Witch, she often comes back to interact usually to antagonize, but sometimes also to occasionally cooperating with protagonistic characters with other Disney characters. Daniels February 12, She climbs up into the mountains, where she gets trapped upon a precipice that overlooks a seemingly bottomless canyon. Retrieved January 11, Before she can do so, a lightning bolt strikes between her and the boulder, destroying the precipice and sending the Queen along with the boulder down the cliff to her death, screaming while she falls to the jagged rocks below this scream was later reused in Sleeping Beauty when Maleficent is stabbed in the heart by the Sword of Truth.

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D May 26, This story was an emotional ride that I hope I will never forget. Stephen Hunter included her being "cool" among the "wonderful truths about Snow White. She takes on many forms trying to thwart them in various ways, and one-by-one the dwarfs sacrifice their lives, until only Dopey remains but he manages to get hold of magical water that brings back all of them to life. In a Disney Channel Original Movie titled Descendantsthe aged Evil Queen played by Kathy Najimy [91] is among a host of other villains who have been imprisoned on a forbidden Isle of the Lost, [92] and her daughter Evie played by Sofia Carson [93] is among their offspring who are allowed to return into the kingdom to attend school alongside the offspring of iconic Disney heroes Evie's father is unidentified. The cauldron also explains its origins as it is one of the cauldrons formerly owned by the three witches from The Black Cauldron. But they should not be put on too high a pedestal.

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In the Tokyo DisneySea version, she also traps Mickey inside her mirror. The Queen comes to the cottage, followed by two vicious vultures, and finds Snow White baking a pie for Grumpy the dwarf. There is a number of comics set in the film's world. A Guidebook to Advanced Wiccapage Walt Disney and the Villain Disney Insider".

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